How Boku casino changed the online gambling market

Boku casino – this fantastic history started over 20 years ago. The group of ambitious people began working on a particular solution. Those people wanted to change the world – or at least the world of mobile payments.

Back there they did not have the idea of how much their tool is going to influence the market for online gambling. And now we have it, and we enjoy it every day – Boku and its payments by phone bill. Boku casino is getting more and more popular. Why? Because they are incredibly convenient and they give us the safe and secure freedom that is so important for every online gambler.

But how did it start and to what do we owe our gratefulness for this useful solution? Let us take a quick glance at Boku casino history – and the history of Boku itself as well.

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boku casino

Boku – how did it become a standard in mobile payments?

The authors of Boku have been working on launching this excellent tool for over 20 years. This extended period was spent on studying payment systems and thinking about their improvements. When the timing for mobile solutions became the most optimal, Boku founders decided to hit.

Formerly Boku was called Vidicom Ltd, and it was founded in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in U.K. in 2003 by two men named Glyn Smith and Thomas Kirk. The company was struggling with money issues, so they started looking for funding from some capitalists in Sillicon Valley. After a while, Vidicom Ltd incorporated Boku as a Delaware company. In 2009 they re-established themselves as Boku and launched the application after the acquisitions of other businesses –Mobilcash and Paymo.

A few years later Boku raised over 35 million USD which they were spending to continue building the system of mobile payments on the global market.

The company founders, Mark Britto, Ron Hirson and Erich Ringewald, had one idea and one ambition in their minds – to make the pay by phone bill option the industry standard for mobile payments.  This courageous and ambitious challenge required some key ingredients, so Boku founders needed to collect them all to fulfil their dreams.

What they needed was people – creative engineers who would have helped them develop Boku and enabled creating a first Boku casino someday, in the future. It is why Boku founders started cooperation with people like Kevin Harvey from Benchmark or David Weiden from Khosla – forward-thinking venture capitalists, who spent decades on developing revolutionary technologies, such as eBay, Skype, Twitter or Second Life.

To make the business global, the company had a proper expansion to conduct. It required broad geographic coverage, but it was worth –Boku was launched in over 60 markets in tens of different countries. Currently, they serve over 300 carriers, merchants and publisher, giving its customers opportunity for mobile payments easy as pie. People around the world buy virtual goods via Boku, and many of them are users of Boku casinos.

Boku today – deserved the place

Today the company has a headquarter in San Francisco, and it enables to pay for goods and services to tens of millions of people per day. Among Boku users, we will find many players from Boku casinos, where they can make deposits using their mobile phone number.

The purchase is billed to a players’ mobile network operator bill. It is an additional convenient solution, especially for unbanked customers who do not possess the credit card or even traditional online bank account. Those people were unable to make purchases online – at least until now, as Boku gives them the opportunity of using every website where some good can be purchased, including Boku casinos, where they can make convenient deposits paying via mobile phone bill.

But Boku is appreciated by banked customers as well. Many of them decide that paying via phone bill is much more comfortable, quicker and more comfortable than traditional bank transfers or even payments via credit cards. It is true that in Boku casino deposits made via pay by phone bill are instant and free of charge while deposits done by bank transfer may take up to few days, and occasionally they may carry a transaction fee. So the decision should be simple, shouldn’t it?

Who uses Boku – apart from Boku casinos?

The vast majority of transactions carried out through Boku are made to purchase digital and virtual goods and services. These may include online video, mobile devices in app or Google stores, social games, music streaming, etc. Now Boku focuses on making this kind of payment optional not only for virtual goods but also for digital and physical assets.

boku casino

The founders’ vision is to make payments via mobile phone number the easiest method of paying for anything. According to them, our relationship with our mobile phones has been developing and changing for the last couple of years.

We rarely leave them anywhere, and they are with us almost all the time. We started using all of it much more than we use our PCs or laptops.

Thanks to applications like Boku, there is less and fewer actions that we cannot be carried out through our smartphones.

People use their phones to listen to music, watch films, check the weather and watch the news, connect with other people and especially – buy stuff. We buy food and clothes online, we pick and purchase household appliances and electronics, and we pay for the already mentioned virtual goods, such as e-books, Netflix subscriptions, music streaming and many, many others.

Taking advantage of this high technology, people started using their smartphones for leisure as well. An example of such a behaviour can be online and mobile gambling. To play video poker or sit at a roulette table, people do not have to leave their home or travel to another city to find a casino anymore. All they need for a great gambling experience is their computer or smartphone. In each online casino, they will find hundreds of enjoyable games they can play anywhere they are – on the bus, on the lunch during their break or on their couch on the lazy Sunday afternoon.

Moreover, if they choose Boku casino, they do not need to worry about mobile payments as well. Boku has become a simple, elegant way of making online and mobile deposits.

Boku serves its user on the similar principals as Paypal, VISA and other major credit cards and payment systems. The company is focused on enabling their clients to purchase virtual goods and currencies directly via mobile phones.

In order to start using Boku for iGaming, you are going to have to find a proper Boku casino on the Internet.

There should be no problem with it, as Boku is present in more and more online and mobile gambling centres.

Enter the phrase Boku casino in your browser. And you will find hundreds of casinos performing Boku as one of the payment options.

You can, of course, take a look at other payment methods available in the casino, but we guarantee that Boku will be the safest, fastest and the most comfortable option for making a quick deposit.

More and more software developers put their faith in Boku. You will find this option of deposit in casinos owned by the best and the most popular companies, like NetEnt or Microgaming.

It should not come as a surprise that these providers focus on the most modern, the best and the most user-friendly solutions. They offer hundreds of very modern, five-reel, video slots with great graphics on their website. For the same reason, they want to feature only the best payments systems available on the market. It is why they choose Boku.

Pay by phone Boku Casino

Taking all of it into consideration, Boku casinos are the best option we can choose from the vast offer of gambling centres on the Internet. It is essential that Boku will work efficiently on PC or laptop. As well as on smartphones and tablets, so it does not matter what device you use. If you prefer classic online casinos, Boku is usable on desktop computers, but it does not mean you cannot take your Boku casino with you in your pocket by launching it on your phone.

The most significant advantage of Boku casinos is different depositing benefits.

Nowadays, this solution is available in many European countries, and it is present in most of UK online casinos. Payments made by phone bill are tremendously customer friendly and what is the most important – they are extremely fast.

Players can deposit their money into the Boku casino account within a few minutes and with a minimal effort. All the deposits are entirely free of charge. All the payments are instant, which means the deposited money will repeatedly be transferred into your account. And all of it in less than a couple of minutes.

Playing in Boku casinos, your deposits are charged directly via your mobile phone billing. All the player need to start taking advantage of this payment solution. And we mean here the UK mobile number – it can be used by prepaid card owners as well as contract clients. Both options are OK, and they will be enough to start using BOKU.

In the case of prepaid phones, the process is very similar to the traditional mobile phone. However, players need to make sure that they have enough credits to pay for their deposits. Boku cooperates with most of the mobile network operators in the UK – except for Virgin Mobile. The rest of the mobile phone service providers will work just okay.

Depositing via BOKU option, we can deposit £10 to £30 per day.

All of this makes BOKU casinos perfect option for every fan of gambling pleasures.

As well as every fan of modern, mobile solutions. However, the limit of £30 per day can be a disadvantage for some players.

If they wanted to deposit a lot of money at once and play a significant, expensive session, Boku is a perfect solution here. Boku will not let them make such a not-considerable deposit. On the other hand, it may be considered an advantage. Such a limit could make a player more responsible for their gambling. And it will not allow them to break the deposit limitations.

As we already mentioned, there are hundreds of casinos featuring Boku. And it is not a problem to find a Boku casino that will satisfy all our desires.

Depositing in a Boku casino has never been easier. Especially if you are not happy with depositing just through any mobile, as you are fearful about safety matters. The same for the online payments. Then Boku and paying by phone bill will undoubtedly become an exciting option for you.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Boku is its security.

While making a deposit, we do not have to enter any sensitive data. The data like credit card number or bank account number are not needed. It is how you deposit in BOKU casino:

  1. The first thing you need to do is log into your casino account.
  2. Choose “pay by phone” from all deposit options
  3. Then you have to inset UK mobile phone number and put the amount of money you are willing to deposit
  4. Next, after few seconds, you will receive an SMS with an authorisation that the deposit was made safely.
  5. At the end make sure to check the deposited amount.

Now that the deposit has been made, you can start playing! Could there be any more straightforward solution for mobile banking?

So, as we can see players of online casinos were fortunate. As when Mark Britto, Ron Hirson and Erich Ringewald sat together one day. Then they decided that they wanted to change the world of mobile payments.

Thanks to these guys we no longer have to keep our credit cards close to us every minute. All we need to make a secure mobile payment is our phone. And after all, mobile phones are devices that we take with us anywhere, no matter what.

We do not judge this phenomenon as good or bad. However, considering this, there could be no more convenient payment method than Boku.

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